Saturday, 5 December 2009


As this is a very new blog, I will probably be wasting my time in referring to ''my readers'' but I will do so anyway.  My readers will have heard of the climategate scandal.  Over the last few days, SkyNews has allowed a representative of each side of the debate to appear on their programme and discuss the fallout of this scandalous piece of scientific dishonesty.  Now, lefties always like to portray those an the right as swivel eyed morons who dribble at the sight of Margaret Thatcher.  Apparently, right wingers take small babies into a forest at night-time to slaughter them in honour of our capitalistic demon gods.  However, these debates paint a very different picture.  On Newsnight, the airy professor referred to his opponent as an 'arsehole.'  Bob Ward looked like a patient from a lunatic asylum who happened to have a large cactus lodged up his ringpiece.  Fraser Nelson remained impeccably cool, whereas the American climate sceptic seemed to take everything in good humour.  Lord Lawson has also been a very calm and civilised debator.  When will people realise that it is the Left that deals in smear and slander.  They refer to sceptics as 'deniers,' hoping to conjure up holocaust denial connotations.  Scepticism is a natural part of the scientific process.  Theories are developed through trial and error. 

For many generations, all the major world authorities preached that the earth was flat, until some brave sceptics pointed out otherwise.  They were demonised, and in some cases, executed.  But they were proven right.  Consensus is inimical to scientific developement.  However, if consensus existed over climate change, there would be only one computer model.  There are dozens of computer models.  Those on the Left have been eloquent critics of the neo-classical school of economics and its reliance on computer modelling and economic forecasting, and, as an advocate of the Austrian School, I don't subscribe to the view that computers can accurately forecast human behaviour because there are too many unforeseen variables.  All of the climate change models failed to predict that global cooling would happen post 1998.  Why do Lefties believe in the infallibility of climate change models but (rightly) point out that the neoclassical economic computer models are completely useless?  Hypocrisy is a feature of left wing politics.

I am a global warming sceptic.  Climate change however is happening.  It has always happened, and will always happen.  We have had the medieval warm period.  This was followed by a Little Ice Age, when the Thames regularly froze over.  In the 1970's, alarmists frequently led us to believe that the planet was going to succumb to a new ice age, ignoring the fact that because we have ice caps, we are technically in one.  Climate change has always happened, and it always will.

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